Friday, February 15, 2013

My Rating System

Basically I review based of three criteria that I rate the quality of. That includes, the overall Gameplay, Story (Narrative/Characters), and Art (Sound/Graphics/Visual Style). Depending on what each criteria should be it will get between zero and two Ostrich Eggs. 6 Eggs would be the highest rating for a game. The reason I chose out of six is because it's a good even number, but not as simple as a 10. A game that would get a 6, is a game that's mind blowing and innovative. A 5 is just a really great, game except for a few minor flaws. A 4 would be a game that's decent to good and could use changes that could make it much better. A 3 is a game that is not very good or it's okay, but suffered from many problems that may or may not be able to be corrected. A 2 is not at all, a good game. It is being killed by bugs and terrible mechanics. 1 is hell, a game that tortures you in every way, the worst of the worst. 0 is not a game, it's something that is so broken, it can't be completed. In that case, it cannot be not reviewed. If this rating system starts to fall on it's head, I will change it.

In the case of Dead Space 3, I really enjoyed the game, but a few little things did get to me, that will take some time to get used to. It's a very good game, but it is not as 'great' as I wanted it to be. I will be spending many more hours on it. I enjoy it.

This might make things easier, my approval rating out of 100:
0 eggs= 0-15
1 egg= 16-24
2 eggs= 25-42
3 eggs= 43-59
4 eggs= 60-80
5 eggs= 81-91
6 eggs= 92-100

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