Thursday, April 26, 2012

Trials Evolution Review

The intro songs in this game suck.
No quirky pre-intro.

WEEEEEEEEHHHA! *falls off bike and smashes head in ground*

Driver's License

We all remember the Trials flash game. Well you should! We all should have been doing homework those wonderful days Red Lynx took from us. Then a few games later, in 2009, Trails found a home with Microsoft Game Studios and of course, as an XBLA. Proves to anyone, that if you got a good game idea, get some poeple to make a crappy flash version and you'll be on a way to making lots a lots of mooney! 

Now this game, Trials Evolution, is what that great idea of a bike physics based puzzle-y game evolved into and has gained a large popularity. It is game for the budget-ly challenged and the challenge challenged (if that makes sense). I mean games that lack a challenge to people. Let us see if this game has evolved at all. 

Bronze Medal 

Well, to not surprise anyone, Trials Evolution is exactly like Trials HD, but with more different courses and mini games to play. Just finish the course in time with a few or no faults and you get a Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum medal(s). Easy, medium, hard, and hrrgme, extreme. Diabolical is back n00bs! The mini games are very interesting and fun to play. The tracks are the same way; fun and cool. It gets very challenging toward the harder tracks, but nuthing anyone could have many times trying to improve and beat their friends and brag; no one really give a crud. Anyone will have lots of replaying time to enjoy and/or scream their lungs out on it.... like me. heh

Interestingly, this game gives you all medals after- un say you get a gold, you get the bronze and silver too. These then add up to a count that will unlock more tracks and bikes to play with. This game also features a monetary system that gives the player a certain amount of money for completing a track with a bonus for the 'top' medal earned (like Gold, not the ones < it). This "coin" can be used to purchase articles of clothing and useless, aesthetic bike parts. A definite change for this game series and it's not too over whelming or hard to understand. OOOhhhh yyyeeaaaahh!

The customization is a great way to like the guy your killing on the motorcycle. Maybe you'll a bit if empathy for the poor guy. They need to add a gender option, sorry ladies. 

Yay, IGN!

Silver Medal

Another company that thinks they can put multiplayer in the freakin game just because it's the "popular" thing to do now. THANK YOU Red Lynx! Yes multiplayer is quite the fun moto trial frenzy. Up to four players online and two local, mutiplayer is great way to show how much better you are at a game that others only play casually(I adtmit nothing!) or for the better players to better than you. The single-player game is not diluted at all to remedy the multiplayer. In fact, you need the entirety of the single-player game to play multiplayer because they use the same maps and new ones just for super-cross.

Oh yeah the game modes, okay. The first one is, well super-cross, and that's the only one played with four people at once. It is very distracting to look and see three other players kinda in your side view and to see them flipping and sucking is very amusing and irritating when you flip and fall too. The next one is just Trials from Easy to Medium difficulty. Three other player's ghosts are visible on your screen, which is distracting too, but easy maps to complete and may be a challenge competitively. Lastly, thar be the Hardcore Trials, which are Hard and Extreme courses. So, good luck on those. It is fun to think you'll beat a noob, but you wont. There's also a quick match that picks one the modes fastest to connect to. Three chambered Russian Roulette, if you will. Oh, and you can got to level up to level 6 (in multiplayer) to get the Hardcore matches. Just play a few.

Gold Medal
In Trials HD, the whole setting for each course was in a huge and infinity large warehouse. For the course maker/editor twas the same. In Evolution however, there is an entire almost Alan Wake-esque mountainous rural area that courses are in and the map editor's realm spans into creator imagination. The map creator is outstanding because it has greatly 'evolved' from the last title and because the options are vast and awesome. By the way, I suck at the map maker, but the things people come up with is astounding. You can see I writing about a game, not making one. Hence I can't do the map thingies.

You gotta play it to see the fun maps people make! Portal 2 (a good one) course, enough said. To me this mode is confusing to handle, but Red Lynx made it so easy to get anyone's maps. They have a menu option called 'Track Central' (another word to add) where the devs have some map picks, top downloads, top rated and so on. They also have a search, which is more like a browse with chosen parameters for a search and they give you a bunch of creations close to that. Plus you can type in a gamer-tag and get all of their creations. The gold medal this game gets is definitely for the course maker/editor/share-er. Did I mention that side scrolling is not only thing you can do?

I just saw this! \/

Platinum Medal

Trials has evolved for sure over the years. Where will it go next? It seems that the fun of Trials well never end and please don't. I dare say that the Trials series might become (if not already) Xbox's answer to Little Big Planet and that's still a while aways though, but look above! Anyone with an Xbox, get a Trial for this game and Evolve your game experience!

5 out 6 bails-I-I mean eggs.