Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Little Big Planet 2 Review

         Since the time of Atari, the side scrolling games started something new. Then in 2008 a little game called Little Big Planet brought the freshness of the new age of gaming back. Three years later Little Big Planet 2 was released. This game does bring back many things that made the first one amazing and just a few more new things. Although the game had new levels, you knew you were playing this game, and that’s great. I find it appealing that Media Molecule did make another storyline with a antagonist ”The Negativitron", which is sort funny for the older kids and good for the little kids. It teaches us all a lesson, don't a Negativitron! The overall story was that of children’s book, which is not always easy to make, and understanding was so simple a 3 year should understand and play it. They should not play Call of Duty or Halo! The community creates their own story with in the level creator. I am not much of a creator, but I sure enjoy the levels. Someone can type anything from a game to a movie and find anything "sacked", even football. While the Sack Boy was still a sac and was able to be customized, the new and different looking levels and characters felt like a new LBP game, still friendly, but hazardous. Just like in the first game, the story levels all had a surrealistic style to them, along with music being happy and creepy. The sound effects didn't change much at all, but what real gamer would care? The game does sport its next gen graphics, but does not improve. Well the game probably could not do as much in terms of customization with updated graphics. Gameplay does not change much either, but the addition of the grapple gun and power gloves adds a little new fun. The game does play like an average next gen side scroller with a few added things like the New Super Mario Bros. games. It is not too basic and maybe a little over-the-top, in fun. All in all, Little Big Planet 2, if you own a PS3 and are in need of classic, fun, and friendly change, take a look around at The Big new familiar world of Little Big Planet 2.  This game earns 6 out of 6 eggs. Time for a macro sized omelet!


Second and last time.

I WILL have the review by today. I can't be late again. I swear I think I am acting like an Ostrich!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

LBP2 update

Well I have Little Big Planet 2 until Tuesday, but Dead Space comes out then so I will have the review of LBP2 tomorrow.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Little Big Planet 2 Coming Soon

I will have a review of Little Big Planet 2 on Sunday. So I must wait til Friday to rent it.

Monday, January 17, 2011


Hey anyone who sees this don't leave! Anyway I am Alec Edwards or The Ostracized Gamer. I love video games and Ostriches. All I will do is rate games that have been rated a million times already, but I do it a little differently. My first game I will rate is going to be Little Big Planet 2. In a few months I may move to a website, but for now I rate here. Anyone with suggestions of games to rate just ask me. Since I am not made of money I will have to rent each game (unless I want it) to review it. I will review based of three criteria in terms of quality, Gameplay, Story (Narritive/Characters), and Art (Sound/Graphics). Depending on what each criteria should be it will get between zero and two Ostrich Eggs. 6 Eggs would be the highest rating for a game. So sit back and wait for a all honest review from The Ostracized Gamer.