Monday, January 23, 2012

METAL GEAR! Solid HD Collection Review

Are video games art? Yes they 100% are and Hideo Koijma proves it with this amazingly unique and strange storytelling, amazing art style, and fascinating gameplay of METAL GEAR! The Metal Gear Series has stood the test of time again and again and now they brought it back to the Xbox!!! Well obviously the PS3 too, but on the Xbox too!!! The original developer for Metal Gear was of course Hideo Kojima and some others and then Koijma Productions (made by durrr Kojima) made the much more acclaimed Metal Gear Solid series. Anyway this is about the HD Collection not the original games. GO!

Ok so a game developer called Bluepoint games neatly put God of War 1 & 2 on PS3 in the God of War Collection, then they made MGS HD; that is what I am reviewing right here and now, for Xbox, PS3 and soon the PSVita (yes it is true). I wonder if- never mind the God of War Collection is in "HD". The most amazing thing about this how they were able to put Peace Walker, which is a PSP game, on the freaking Xbox? It is mind blowing! Well maybe not, it's more like too good to be true, but it is and I have it! Now for the real review.

Metal Gear? METAL GEAR!

This game has at least *counts on fingers* 1...2...3...4...5 Five different time periods in all that will take a long time to explain. The whole Metal Gear Series is for people who can comprehend such an immense, rich, and very large storyline. The most abridged way to tell the Metal Gear Story.

Metal Gear: Your a guy named Snake and you fight big robot thingy called Metal Gear.

Metal Gear 2: Bad guy is not really dead fight Metal Gear and more action.

Metal Gear Solid: Your "brother" betrays your former group called FoxHound they get you to kill him, grand story line and great action. Fight Metal Gear.

Metal Gear Solid 2: Snake teams up with some one good from MGS1 to destroy all other Metal Gears that were made by the U.S. ad black market. Snake perishes in tanker ship mission (you play in). Then you play as a new member of FoxHound named Raiden (pronounced Ryden). Finds some one who looks like Snake. Raiden discovers his past and Fights huge ass Metal Gear.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Origins of Snake and Big Boss (bad guy from Metal Gear). Play as Big Boss whose name then is Snake (not Solid Snake) to kill his mentor named The Boss, she turned commie. Fight Metal Gear Prototype. You fight her.

Metal Gear Solid 4: The Epic conclusion all the games come to together it is one of the best video games ever.

MGS Peace Walker: The beggining of Outer Heaven and leads right into Metal Gear

*gasp* Thats only one twentieth of the whole story for all the games!

It is one great and awesome storyline that even I can't wrap my entier head around. You just got to let all of your baises go to enjoy these games. One sad point is that there is no way MGS 4 will come to Xbox 360 maybe the 720, it will at least give players time to soak in all the story juices. Don't worry about the first Metal Gear Solid, just torrent it or something. You didn't hear it from me though...


It had to go on another line, for comedic reasons.

When you die in this game and every game in Metal Gear Solid some one is always screaming for the character it is very annoying, but a definitive hallmark at that. As listed above, you can see that there is a grand tale to be told and it really is another great incarnation of good versus evil with long lasting morals and lession to be learned.
The preservation of the each game's gameplay is perfect or as good as it is even going to get. Each game takes a bit thought before tackling each situation and boss battle. Some times it can feel impossible to beat, but with some though and patience it can all be over come.

E3: Metal Gear Solid HD Collection comparison shots photo

HD not updated Graphics
So that there is no confusion, this game is not at all like Halo: Anniversary Edition; there are not upgraded textures and sounds. It is the same games from ever so long ago put together to play on HD TVs and that's all. It looks quite great all in one neat package and it is only 50 bucks. The graphics for Metal Gear Solid three look amazing even compared to current games.

Now lets focus on Peace Walker for just a little bit. It was on the PSP and they put it on the Xbox! It has never been done before and let me say it looks great. Peace Walker in graphics rivals MGS2 and it is even said to be the biggest Metal Gear ever! I give great kudos to Bluepoint Games for doing the best HD game converting ever!

It is a very Artisitc Video Game

As anyone should know Metal Gear Solid is a Stealth action game, but it is really more than that. It is a game that redefined all of video games. There are no gimmick like motion controls and whatever else it is the golden age of the handheld joysticked controller. Hideo Kojima is a master game designer and his older games need to played by a newer generation or the retro gamers who love it and wish to revisit it in a new setting.

That's Goood Subsistence!

Both MGS 2 and 3 come with their expanded versions of the games. Metal Gear Solid 2's extras are the inclusion of an extra mission modes with 300 virtual reality training missions set in a computer-constructed environment and 200 "Alternative Missions" set in areas taken from the main game. The player can choose to play these missions as Solid Snake or Raiden, with alternate outfits for both characters becoming available as the player progresses. Mission objectives include reaching the goal undetected, target practice, eliminating enemies, bomb disposal and a set of miscellaneous missions that include protecting a wounded ally from enemies or fighting a series of enemies. There are also a set of missions simulating a FPS game. The only different thing in MGS 3 is the newer camera style that you can move around and the inclusion of Metal Gear 1 and 2, but it is enough.

Now Peace Walker comes with a Monster Hunter (yeah the Capcom game) and some other "Extra Ops" to play in the same Peace Walker way. They where in the original game, but are very worth noted as well. Now the one thing that makes me a little aggravated is the "Versus Ops" mode. I mean why the eff have it? Haven't you figured out that by now that Portable Ops sucked online? Guess not and it's alright because they put not real effort into it either. They did what Uncharted 3 should have done, tone down the multiplayer and tone up the single player.

Where do we go from here?

Well if these games where re-made in HD for the Xbox 360 and PS3, it's safe to say that Koijma may want to put MGS4 on the next Xbox or even the Wii U (if it can handle it). There are even speculation that Metal Gear Solid might be remade completely, but I don't know if that should ever happen. We also got Metal Gear Rising: Revengance coming out in the Fall, but it's not being made by Kojima Productions anymore. All in all it is one the greatest video game franchise ever and it will not be easily forgotten. Metal Gear Solid HD Collection has earned 4 and a half eggs out of 6.

Mmmm! That's delicious!