Friday, February 4, 2011

Dead Space 2 Review

          Horror franchises have been trying to find the human mind's epicenter of fear. The Horror video games have something movies don't have, interaction. When Dead Space came out, no one knew what to expect. When the players entered the hull of the USG Isimura, the other happy video games they knew died. While the player walked Isaac through the Nercomorph infestation, unspeakable horrific nightmares worked their way into the players’ thoughts and fears. After surviving this encounter, the horror was not over and a larger more terrifying fate was ahead. Dead Space 2 began three years later, after Isaac was sent to a physiatrist ward on a Saturn moon called Titan Station, where he did things he does not remember. The first scene of the game is defiantly the most horrific video game moment ever. You watch helplessly as a man trying to free Isaac is turned into a Necromorph instantly. All of the gory and disturbing details are thrown in your face. After Isaac is able to kick the monster away (oh yeah, Isaac is also confined to a straight jacket) the player must quickly direct Isaac through the other rooms and hallways as the Necromorph breakout beings. One wrong turn and your dead. As the player finally gets the famed Plasma Cutter, it is a God send. You would think with the additional weapons obtainable in the game, you would be safe. This game makes sure you don't feel safe, ever. The game does a great job of challenging the player with non-boring puzzles and some very fun and scary zero gravity flying sequence. The does not change up the old enemies and the new enemies are not hard to get use to making this game perfectly predictable after playing once. Visceral Games did really set the bar in terms of difficulty, by making it so the game could only be saved 3 times. This difficulty also took the hardest enemy difficulty and took away the ability to use the items the player obtained by completing the game. Only players that are "hard core" in Dead Space should giving Hard Core mode a try. Quick time action sequences added more action, but not more button pressing, which again kept making the game more predictable. Even though the game was predicable the feeling of fear was still there. The story of Dead Space 2 is only completely followed if the original Dead Space is played, making it more of and a epic story. Throwing Nicole fighting Isaac in his head gave me quite a scare. The scare in this could only been achieved by the perfect harmony of the art and sound. Much like the first Dead Space, the art wonderfully and horribly showed that the minds at Visceral Games are not normal. It also made the atmosphere best of any seen in movies or video games. Multiplayer was a new addition to Dead Space and in Dead Space 2 it was awesome. The balancing was great it seems either team could take a win. But one issue was the team killing. It should not have been put in. Other than that the multiplayer took on a Left 4 Dead style verses mode with the game play and look of the Dead Space universe. What can I say, Dead Space 2 is Visceral. It earns a 6 out of 6 eggs. Those are eggs right? J-Just checking.