Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gears of War 3 - A bloody end to a bloody good game.


         Gears of War has been a game that defied what American made video games are in the current generation: bloody, angry, and brutish. Although Gears of War started that, Gears of War 3 tucks in this savage to epic bloody story in a nice warm bed with a cozy red blanket. The games started a bit shaky, but ended on very stable ground. The game mechanics don't change one bit and even the graphics hadn't improved much, but this game did fret about graphics and new gameplay because it simply did not need any improvements. The story for starters, is great. It wraps up the great story nicely, with no way for a sequel, but time to move on. The art style is the same really, but improves with new terrains and different kinds of mission and so on. Parts go under water, in the air, in the desert, and of course in urban environments. Not to forget the increasingly vicious Lambent creatures that make the enemies seem like smarter versions of Necromorphs in Dead Space. This game has plenty of unique collectibles and little things to do, but no simulation of Thrashball (if you don't know what it is, its GoW Football) (and if you don't know what GoW is then stop reading, please for your own good) . No the less great knickknacks and buttons to push. Multiplayer improves on nothing, but maps, which is good. Horde "2.0" has gotten a hellalot harder and has added a "Tower Defense" roll on it, for a more defensive play. A new game mode is called Beast, where a player(s) get to chose from a set of Locust creatures to take out human enemies within a set of time. Horde and Beast both earn money for its particular game and XP for overall online rank. That really covers it all. All multiplayer modes have ribbons and medals to be earned to increase playability. Competitive multiplayer is great balanced fun for TPS and FPS fans alike, but it does lack a little in map count and game modes, but that is made up for in Campaign, Horde, and Beast Modes. This game is great for any mature enough Xbox gamer, perfect for any Shooter Gamer out there, and you will buy this if you like either of the other Gears games. Oh yeah about Carmine, your gonna have to play it to find out his fate. This game earns 5 eggs and Lancered in half egg out of 6. Try the Corpser eggs, their to die for...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Next review: Gears of War 3

Seeing as only one person (me) voted for something, thats what it will be. I am very discouraged that no one has seen this really yet, sure maybe one person a week that is not me, but they really arn't here. None of my facebook freinds even gave this a chance. I'm not gonna say anymore. Oh well, it least this will look good on a resume, just more views would help.