Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Putting on the brakes!

I might have to pull a 'U' turn. I just now decided to ask Ty Corp. for permission to use their two "Beanies" for the Experience videos. You know how that's gonna go. So I might (will) be going back to the drawing board again and do my Trails Top Threes and Video Reviews again. Maybe have me do the Experience videos now, oh god, NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Just thought I'd say. This sucks...

Oh yeah, no more videos til I get my clarification from Ty. Sorry friends... that's life.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Review number 87 Bazillion of Borderlands 2

Your not Badass yet:

What is there really to say about this game or the first one. Huge, open FPS RPG Co-op video game made by the gamer's favorite Gearbox Software. Borderlands 2 takes place a few years after the first one. Possibly the same amount of time apart from the first release. Now, you're have to be one of four new characters that somewhat replace the old-er characters for this game. Now, is this a game amazing for both previous and non fans? You'll find out soon.

Badass Hand cramp: 

We all had different thoughts on the style of the first Borderlands, some loved it and some thought it looked like crap. At first, I thought the graphics were cheap. After really playing the first one and this one, it grew on me a lot. It was great and the graphics were good back then, but that's one thing this game suffers from. The textures are a bit blurry, but only if you pay more than any divided attention to them. That may be the only way to put such a large game on one CD, but look at Skyrim. Sorry, these graphics really needed the upgrade, but the overall style is brilliant and takes you back to the style of Wind Waker. That's an awesome game people!

Some of the icy/snowy environment looks amazing with the bright and nice glaciers, snow, ice walls, and caverns. I don't remember if the first one had tundra or not, but it looks so good in this game. That said, that's all that looks well done and sticks out like a frostbitten trigger finger. That's supposed to be a good and bad thing, but I wish I few other things stood out. The UI has also been changed a little, which, I liked, but it's weird to get used to. It's better. Other than the small things, the game looks un-complain-able (derp), but an upgrade would have been great to be able rival other huge open world games. Borderlands 2 looks awesome for what it is, I love it.

Badass(hat) Jack:

We know that Borderlands has a place for prevalent humor slipped in anyway available. That's just about everywhere in this game. We all know and love our annoying, but always hilarious Claptrap, who really is just a very depressed robot. He is the first NCP you see other than your potential characters you can choose from, who also have their own share of humor and fun during the course of the game. Also, some other very familiar characters return like *cough* Angel and other Borderlanders. I know about Angel, lets not go in to that. NEW CHALLENGER: Handsome Jack is the new antagonist for Borderlands 2 and he is a jerk and  he laughs about it. He is your stereotypical corporate owning megalomaniac, with a bad and stupid sense of humor. Jack's throws us an entertaining bone once in a while, but he becomes very irritating later on just like many of our other favorite retro game "main bosses".

So the game premise goes: All four of the new choose-able characters are taking a nice ride on train, killing a boat, I mean a "train load" of enemies and trying to get to kill the Handsome Jackass, yeah. So then *EXPLOSION* pick your guy, and only he or she survived or just didn't need to be brought back from the boring afterlife. Anyway you then meet Angel for the "first" and then your character finds out who and what she really is. That's either duh, I knew that, oh yeah I forgot, or just derrrrrrp, okay! For me, it was oh yeah! Now you need to find the vault the contains something that could be really bad... and Jack has the keys to it! You got to stop him. At the beginning, I felt the story line was exactly the same, but things changed, I met some familiar faces and trekked on ward. Great job on all that Gearbox! *very non-sarcastic*


Badass amount of guns:

This game plays exactly the same as the first, but with more to do, things to find, places to discover, different enemies to kill, and many items to swap. They just added a new map pack and character pack, right? So what! Just like COD, no change can be good, just add a few things. Too much difference and lack of refinement would have really ruined the game. It's Borderlands V2 and it still fun, but the previous fans will enjoy it more because they know it well already. I did find this game to be much difficult for me, but that might from my lack of skill and the fact I chose, no no, Zer0 is awesome forget ya'll! One big change is the ability of Ammo Regen is only giving to the Gunzerker, which is alright seeing as they give you ammo with the trillions of boxes everywhere. It would have been easier to have everyone be able to unlock Ammo Regen, but that's Gearbox's choice. I was perturbed, but I didn't complain about it after I played for a while longer.

The characters are very similar to the ones in the first one. You got the Commando (Soldier) with a sentry turret, Siren with Phaselock (like ME's Singularity), Gunzerker (Bezerker) with dual wielding guns, and the Assassin with invisibility/damage increase. Each class upgrades and levels up exactly like the first game and the enemies level up the further you get in the game. So pick your guy and try to beat it. I'm not good at this game and there where some parts that got me kill a lot and the was really making me mad. I know it's not because of who I choose either. I love my Zer0. If I buy this game in future, it's because of him. Anyway, video game fetishes aside. This game ain't really for me and that's okay. For the seasoned veterans, you will either have not much trouble knowing what to do with enemies with skulls next then. I'm still learning. Great gameplay for the first fans, but be careful, non-RPG gamers.

Badass looting:

I've read a few reviews that complained about the amount of loot in this game. I say, so what? This game might have more loot than Diablo (I really don't know), but that's a good thing. Some people feel that adding just a bunch of worthless crap is just a plea to add more wasted hours of gameplay. Don't worry everyone, I understand why so much loot to go over is a good thing. For one thing it's going to respawn all the white and green weapons again so you can run around grabbing a selling guns to buy the really good stuff. I really wish you could have a item junk pile and just sell the "Junk Pile" to the vending machines. Hey Randy, there's an idea for you in Borderlands 3. You know they are gonna make one. It also makes you the gamer work for your game and get the 100% completion, if your so insane. So, ever too much loot? Well, not for this game or any other as well made as this game.

Abraham Lincoln approves!

Your're one Badass Moth...

Borderlands 2 is just another Borderlands in the same exact way, with a few upgrades and gameplay tweaks that make it bigger and better than the first one. The cell shaded style is an awesome combination with the epic scenery. The story is surprisingly different and great. The humor is funny, but gets a little annoying. The gameplay is for the previous fans of Borderlands. I suggest that fans of first one should buy it now if you haven't already and play it! People new to this need to play or have played the first one in order to survive the increasingly dangerous world of Pandora. Not a big change and not very open to new players, Borderlands 2 earns a 4 and half eggs out of 6. It's not a bad score, it's a could have improved more, but didn't necessarily need to.

Oh, yeah the driving is fun, but nothing too special or new.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

You know whatz funny?

Doing something different than you originally intended. Same for me. For now on, no more Video Reviews. I will still write them, but no more videos until someone is all like, "Hey ACE (that's me), u shuld doo vidoe revoos agan!" And I'll be all like, "Ya, shur budy I weel!". I will still do my bad "Experience" videos. Cuz I liek to do them more. Mostly stopping this cuz video reviews take maybe a full 24 hours of work from recording, editing, and rendering. Plus I got schools and doing Video reviews and Experience viders takes a toll. You might see TTT's again on a monthly bases for now... but not this month. It is wut it is.