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Supah Trickah SSX Review

This game did a Backside 450 Indy with the Tailgrab! Ouch, I leave that out of the review! Speeeedd Booosst! Boost right into the finish with my Supah Trickah SSX Review.

Not really.

Intro: It is not SSSEX!

Well if you did not know, I was trying to reference the first SSX and how the announcer(s) (I don't so remember) call out the player's tricks, boosts, and falls during a race. Okay, so the first SSX came out about 12 years ago, and wow I know. Now after 4 more games, we finally get this game on our 7th gen consoles and it is about time. Now as to be expected, the game has much better graphics, longer and more in-depth gameplay, but lacks majorly in storyline. My reader will soon learn what really is important in a review for this game. Green is GO!

The video is a taste of Africa snowboarding. I said it!

Part 1: What is not important

The storyline, ugh the storyline. Where to end, where to end. The campaign is called SSX World Tour and three "legends" of Snowboarding, Surfing, and Motocross (SSX) join with a team of others to conquer the 9 Deadly Descents of the world. For some reason a kid named Griff bails on the team and they lose their funding. Some how getting their fans to watch them around the world will give them enough funding for the tour they. Are. Already. On. Yeah, right. Now Griff is a rival of them... Okay so story makes no sense and totally stinks, but that is not important (as the subtitle says). Lets move to characters which are a minor importance.

There are few characters here and there from the first game and many more new ones. Many fans will pick some old favs and some new guys (or gals) from this one to "Own the Planet". After beating and recruiting each character, a little moving and sounding comic-style cutscene shows the background of that person. Those sequences aren't bad and are even a little interesting and such. The game also features three different and stereotypical helicopter pilots: one Australian and Russian guy, and a Asian gal. Each of them give some feedback like the announcers from the first game, but don't call out each move you do and they tell you of the certain terrain the track is heading into. So bad story and decent characters. One egg for effort!

 Part 2: I am already cold enough!

I'm from Illinois, so February (and March) isss sssoo vvvvveryy cold around here. I'll I need is more cold and snow. Actually it was a record low for snow in a long time in this state. This game has definitely made up for that lack of snow, but certainly lack of cold. Stop me! Alright the graphics and great, the snow looks good. Well, it all looks very good graphics, snow, track design, and characters. One thing to take into interest is in the cutscenes like from the image above. All of these look like very long elaborate YouTube intros with the 3-D affect and the average person not knowing how to make it! It looks good, it changes it up compared to any newerish game I've seen around. It must have saved some money and it looks nice too.

Another interesting note to note (redundant), is the fact that for 28 'drops' or tracks, they used NASA data to create them. You can thank Mother Nature for designing those! The snow 'spraying' looks more real and the shadowing is very much improved. Most of dialog is better acted and expressed. The character's recruitment comics look like a mix of good and bad art just like Metal Gear Awesome (go watch them they are funnuh). No more urban scenery like the previous games; they look more natural and sometimes industrial. One bit of the game that won't be taken into this review is the soundtrack. It has lots of songs, none of which I like (I am a Rock/Metal fan). It seemed to have allot Dub-Step music and has one Skrillex song, but not any of Korn's new songs *sad face*. Two white frosted eggs for art.


The gameplay is the heart and soul of this game and makes it awesome! I'll tell you already: 2 golden eggs for gameplay. This game is fun and hard and everything awesome! Time to settle abit; SSX features many different drops for the World Tour that are not very hard at all to get golds in stuff and complete. Now in the Browse mode you can choose from over 150 (153) drops to play and that includes these modes. Race is race whopdeedo! Trick it is where you need to rack up as many points with tricks and failing a trick spells minus points. The hardest ones are survival mode; with each different drop of these the play must use different gear to help you survive. Play it to find out. They work great and the game's economy system is not at all explained, but very easy to use and money is earned as a reward for placing in top three of any mode. Before each drop, the game tells you the percentage of your survival. You can also do drops that require gear without using it and get some Achievements/Trophies, but good luck. Never tell me the odds!

Now into the playing of this game. Much like the first one, this is very easy for about any gamer to pick up and have many hours of fun. It's no Skyrim lengthen game, but it's over all difficulty in getting all golds in everything is gonna take some 100+ hours. Not to mention the multiplayer. It is good, but you only can play and compete for the highest everything in this mode. You can start some rivalries or just scream at each other over a stupid race some one is gonna cry over. This game is very intense no matter how many replays you do. Spend your money too, because an impossible seeming drop might be a little less impossible with a few mods and better gear purchased from the store. I didn't say it would be Goldable just not impossible to finish in 3rd place. Good luck once again! Most of all have lots of fun.

SSX is very nice complete redo of a 6 gen classic game to a 7th gen console. It has really astounding visuals, and not so good who cares attempt on a story and okay characters, and intense unforgettable gameplay. SSX is a very extreme sport game the really can 'Defy Reality' to the world and a gamer's world as well. Play the demo and see it too. Rent it then or even buy after that or before. Any lover of the first game who forgot the other 4 (like) and long time lifers of the series need this game at any time of the year for a great experience every play through again and again. SSX 2012 greatly earns 5 out of six eggs!

They need warmth to survive!

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