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Mass Effect 3 Review

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Introro: Set the Record

We all know BioWare right? Of course we (gamers) do! Did you know that their first game was called Shattered Steel for DOS and MACOS (yes MacOS) and was released 1996? If you think your a fan of BioWare then that's no news to you. We can all see that BioWare really jumped into fame with Mass Ef... wait no! They have been making very well received games from Baulder's Gate (their second game) to Jade Empire. Not to mention a little game known as the original Star Wars: the Old Republic. So yeah, sorry about that little miscalculation. I'm not as much of a fan of them as I should be, but I degrees. So, they are a very well renowned video game development company.

To the main point! The Mass Effect series is one of those few great games that defines a video game generation as a whole. Much as a book or movie series defies a generation, like the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and The Matrix Trilogy, a game like this does the same. Some would argue this fact more so and say it has done more. Anyway, does this latest and/or last Mass Effect game from the BioWare tell another great tail for this game generation or does it end up like the Resident Evil movies? They just wont stop!

Just a heads-up; I will not take the controversial ending into account. I have not beaten this game yet and strongly feel the ending should not criticized in any review. <-- period

Part I: A Galaxy Far-ly Close Away

Mass Effect 3 is set in the Milky Way Galaxy, where we use Mass Arrays built by the Protheans to travel to distance worlds with very advanced and relatively friendly cooperative forms of life. Mind the run-on. The graphics in this game have not improved much from the second title, but still look great. Why change them and if it looks nice it looks nice. Except sometimes while walking on uneven a rocky terrain, our Shepard (lol) seems to walk through the rocks or surfaces, but you only notice that when staring stupidly at the ground and get shot to sh** too. Not a big issue, but still there. The art style is very diverse and you can tell where many of the looks of planets and creatures are influenced from. Everything looks fresh and interesting new and different. I don't mean from the other Mass Effect games, but I mean this game compared to other completely different games.

I do say that character speaking looks a bit more realistic and it's cool to stare at turians and wonder how the hell their mouths work. One thing I have a small gripe with is how for mission objects, the game doesn't give any way points or way to set any particular mission active or not. You think with an big RPG dev like BioWare such an issue would be eradicated and is the only UI challenge with the game. One last thing that kind of grids me is the lack of epic and amazing cut scenes by Blur Studios and that's a bummer. Well, not much of an improvement, but good in this category none the less.

Part II: It's the End of the World as we know it and I feel, idk.

Okay, so bad guys are the Reapers and Cerberus are a pain in the ass and the Geth, who cares about them.The rest of everyone is just trying to survive. Reapers invade Earth and now you got to leave and get the other species to help you fight off the Reapers with some Cerberus and Geth being jerks along the way. I will go into the War Assets in the gameplay part. The story line is pretty good, but making the storyline along your choices is what makes this entire game series stand as one of the greatest of all time. Apologies for not playing the other two games, but it is very true that the choices made from ME2 do effect, to an extent, the story of your character and interactions in this game. So no time paradoxes you HAX0RS!  The choices the player has to make are very difficult and question every fiber of your moral being; they also very much affect what friends and foes you will make. (note to you all: DO NOT SELL LEGION TO CERBERUS!!!) Or you could just go renegade and look like Darth Vader under the helmet. It is all up to you! That is awesome.

You just have to give BioWare a major applause for forming this story around the last game way more than any other game has done before. You can still do romances and carry those over from ME2 as well, which is neat too. Such things make you feel so much purpose in a video game. Well in real life, now that's up to you. In all, adding a pretty good story with completely unique decision making, have profound impact not just on the game, but on the one who experiences it.  All you trolls can just suck it!

Part III: World at-I mean: Galaxy at War!

Mass Effect 3 has a very smooth and fluid feel to it. It feels so good to play. The balance between RPG and TPS elements is so well done that gamers hardcore or soft, from any side of the Action RPG spectrum can pick up this game and just have a blast playing it. The squad system is great and the NPCs that fight along side and against you have a very smart AI and create a very realistic combat atmosphere. The usage of squadmate powers is almost perfect and your teams can even shot and kill (that's right) the opposing enemies too. Mass Effect 3 also allows weapons to be upgraded and attached with two different items that increase or decrease certain aspects of the weapon. A new feature added to this game is called War Assets and essentially the player needs to play side missions, main missions, scan planets, and say the correct lines to gain more and more of these. War Assets then can be used, in the end to fight off the Reapers and restore order within the galaxy.

Now in game choices really could go in gameplay and story, but as you can see, I put them in the story category.

The multiplayer is very much like Horde mode and Spec Ops Survival, but with many classes to choose and use. Multiplayer also is part of the War Asset feature that utilize a percent system. Based on playing a certain amount of time in multiplayer the percentage goes up a acts as preparing for the war. Are leveling up to 20 of any class you can promote that character to Galaxy at War statues, which is like prestiging in COD. In this game though, that character from multiplayer becomes your own war asset and increases the number you have to fight for the galaxy. Finally multiplayer that incorporates into the actually campaign of the game. Not as much as BRINK, but lets just avoid that.

 Extro: The End........?

Mass Effect 3, amazing game, but questionable ending. Is it really over? Realize this: Shepard died in the second game (not saying he will or wont in this one) and was rebuilt, so death may not even stop him. Anyway, this game is up there (so far) as one of the greatest games I have ever played. If you like Sci-Fi, Shooting, Action, and RPG video games; buy this buy this buy this BUY THIS!!!!! Still on edge with the ending? Don't spoil it for yourself! Rent it, and let the first few hours tell you if this will be the greatest game ever! Now I gotta the play the first two!

 Damn Reaper laser!

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