Thursday, December 10, 2015

Simulation Game Dev Blog #3

     This blog post will be kinda short due to the fact that, well, there was not much left to do for Vending Machine Simulator 2015. So lemme get started so we can get oust of here quick.

     So for this final iteration I was tasked with adding all the different names and types of snacks either machine provided. I also set the prices for each snack as well. So the first thing I did was take our existing UI, which only had the codes in the "Snack List". Whilst adding the names I realized that the amount of combinations on the key pad could far exceed the amount of snacks available. Thank you so much original model for being so unnecessary! So I did more work than I needed to, great. Luckily the way Garret set it up the widget was that we could just choose what combinations worked and which ones were invalid. Alright, so I made the the names for the candies and chips and then put down their codes and the price of each. I made the vending machine prices from like the 90's (as my instructor observed) with chips costing $.50 and candy costing .75. I originally made the chips $.65, but Garret set up the returning of money only utilizing quarters, so we worked the prices to use multiples of 25 due to sake of time. The last thing I did for the Snack Machine was set the correct models of either candy or chips to spawn out when purchased. The current UI is below along with the changes in the widget as well.

     Now for the Soda Machine. I originally just put,"All Sodas Cost $1". For some reason though the part that said "All Sodas" was not visible, but said it was in the UML editor. I must have left it because it seems that Garret just listed the Soda and each cost $1. As you can tell I also made the Sodas cost $1 in the widget blueprints. I guess that's it. Oh and of course I rigorously tested out my older UI stuff to see if it was all good and it was except for not returning the money fully, but we fixed that with the price change. Images for that are below.

One last thing, we also completed our presentation  I felt like it went very well. I don't know if we are going to any more to it, but we made a great simulation. The one regret I have is feeling like I didn't do enough. I mean Garret did so much more than the other three of us. Maybe he just had a lot of fun with it. I think for any next project I do with a group I should really be on the members asking if there is anything I can do and if I'm doing enough. Well that's it for these dev blogs for a while. I'm outtie fivethougtee.

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