Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Homework: World Of Guns: Gun Disassembly Review

Title: World of Guns: Gun Disassembly
Released: May of 2014
Platform: Available for PC only
Publisher: Noble Empire Corp.
Rated: E for Everyone I assume
Genre: Simulation

Good learning platform?

World of Guns Disassembly, the title says it all. Here is a Free to Play game that teaches players how to and what goes into a basic disassembly of fire arms. The game makes players take a gun apart, piece by piece. World of Guns also shows how different guns function internally.  For people who do not know much about firearms and wish to learn, this is great way to learn about the different parts and how the weapons work as well. The game taught me much about how firearms work and that it takes much more effort and know-how to take apart a weapon than I originally had envisioned. After going through a few firearms I now have an understanding on how some parts fit together in a few different weapons.

Fun Factor:

World of Guns had ups and downs in terms of the fun factor. Actually learning how to take apart the guns and trying to put them back together in record time was definitely a fun aspect. Also learning how each weapon fired was enjoyable. The game even allows for players to view the interworking and how they functioned. There was an X-Ray mode, cut out mode, and even a mode where you can make certain parts invisible while seeing of the rest of the firearm function. Other than just viewing and taking apart the guns, the game featured a shooting range mode. Unfortunately this mode just has players shooting various targets, so it can get pretty boring real fast. Included in the view mode, players can change colors and add decals to the gun, which doesn’t add much to play and doesn’t even look that good when you’re done customizing. Since this is Free to Play, it’s possible to unlock most of the weapons through experience, but it costs a lot and receiving enough can take many hours of just doing the same things to the same guns. So that would be the worst part about this game. So overall, the game is fun, but that factor can wane even after a couple hours of playing. Buying the DLC is an option, but that’s not in this review.

Learning Curve:

The game is very simple as it is, so there isn’t much to really learn more of or go into depth. It was very easy and pretty much flawless to get into and progress. The only thing you need to do is remember how the gun was taken apart and put that into reverse order. Or you could just click on random parts until it showed the corresponding arrow to click on to fit into place. Everything else in that game is just to play around with to learn while doing so.


I would rate the controls of World of Guns a 5/5. All there is to know is how to click and how to play the most basic of FPS games. All players need to do is click on options and individual gun parts to progress the main part of the game. The FPS skill just comes in when at the firing range. Aim, shoot, reload, and change fire mode. That’s it.  Extremely simple and easy to use controls.

Changes to Make:

There are only two things I would add to this game. The first may seem very large, but why not. I would have made a multiplayer shooting game much like that of counter strike that gave players the ability to use their weapons in a PvP scenario. The players could use their own customized guns in a battlefield fighting against other players. It would really add much more life other than to look at the gun and how it works. I would also develop the customization of the weapons much further in depth to at least make customization look good and maybe try to add a lot more options.


I would for sure recommend this game to others and only others with a distinct interest in firearms. For example, I have never fired, owned or even plan on owning a gun. But, with my years of playing games that feature real fire arms, I have garnered an interest. To someone like me, I recommend just to kill a bit of time on the Computer. For others more into guns, yes of course I would recommend. It does a great job of showing the parts of guns and how they fit and work together. I strongly believe anyone with a slight interest in guns would enjoy it. Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone would be a fan of trying for hours to get unlocks or paying for DLC. As I said, it does kill some time. I would not recommend this to very big gun enthusiasts as the game doesn’t do just everything. I mean it doesn’t teach you how to clean or maintain firearms. So basically it’s not for nickpickers.

World of Guns Disassembly is an enjoyable, easy, and interesting simulation game. The Free to Play model isn’t done very well and the customization is not well implemented. I would rate it a 3.5/5. Enjoyable for a bit, but definitely needs improvement.

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