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Legend of the Slender Man. Slender: The Arrival Review

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Slender: The Eight Pages. Need I say more than that? We know that game more than the actual mythos of the Slenderman by Marble Horents. Either you watched a crap ton of youtubers play it or experienced the raw virtual terror of the Slenderman yourself. Created by Parsec Productions, Slender: The Arrival is the reboot to The Eight Pages. The name could be stating that Slender has officially arrived. Knowing that the original spawned off so many other maps each still as horrific as the the next. This game was the scariest thing I ever played. There really isn't a whole lot to say, because the more knowledge you have, the less unknown and scary our tall, long appendaged friend is


Well, it's both great and awful to have eyes while playing this game, no pun intended. You also would need a good computer to set this game on ultra high. You may also need to tell your graphics card to process all of this game's graphical details. Now I never try and poke at the technical aspects, but it was pretty aggravating that the game was lagging so much when I first played it and I have a great computer. Like I mentioned quickly above, I had to go to my NVIDIA dashboard and manually select my High-performance Graphics Processor because it detected and used the integrated processor, which is only for smaller tasks on the Windows Explorer. Despite the anger and search, it was very easy to fix. It honestly should be fixed in the program asap, because some people may not know how to fix it themselves. When it all works, it looks amazing for any indie game. Who ever made the game world, you have a really bright future in this industry. Later during the game, at night, the game world appeared even better than Alan Wake. You take that plus Slenderman, your f***ed!

The game's sound effects and music were also very well done. I could easily tell that the developers did use many sound assets from the original game, but I feel it was necessary to keep that perfect level of sh**-you-pants scary. The music was also crippling to hear floating in your ears. Overall, the art presentation was shocking, creepy, and beautiful. You still have to play game you know. Yes, I know...

Page 3: CAN'T RUN

You can try, but you may not get very far. To be honest, I really had idea has to expect what the gameplay in this game would be. I recall that the game was pre-ordered, there was an upgraded version of the original game. Later, I noticed that there is 5 stages in all and you can go back a select any of them after completion of the game. The eight pages is still present in is own stage and I don't want to reveal the rest of the game, but I will say most of them do involve the one item scavenger hunts. Each one is not as it seems though, well, expect the Eight Pages stage. I would also like to note that the classic portion of the game is the hardest, and by that I mean really difficult, at least, for me. If you've beaten the classic game, then this wont be a big trouble to you. Then when you beat it, play it on Hard Core for a special surprise at the end. This game is for the veterans of the original and not the beginners, unless you are a quick learner. It's also not a long game at all, but it will still scare most anyone even after over hundreds of playthroughs.

Page 4: HELP ME

Like I said before, I do not want to give too much away, because I tended to do that early in my reviews. The story concept of this game is much like that of Metroid, where the player is dropped in the game with absolutely zero understanding of the history or current situation. I've always loved that concept, of course if it's done well, that is. Just like the movie Memento, the player soon finds clues to add up into a story of their own up until the end of the game. It's expertly well done in this game and it still has one wondering about the story after the end, but not enough to feel as the game left a plot hole. Overall, Parsec Productions does an incredible job of delivering such an immersive, frightening, hopeless, and unknowing story. It is called Slender: The Arrival for a reason, that must mean he has just arrived and there may be another game. Here is the basic story of the game; you go to a friend's house and then Slender is after you. Now I just left out a whole lot of info, you will have to discover a piece together yourself, if you're courageous enough.


Slender's reboot, Slender: The Arrival is a will shattering game, that can scare you to the core of your nerves. The games presents and beautifully horrific, artistic style rivaling games in our recent past. The sound design is recycled from the last game, but it needs to be. The gameplay is that of the original game with a few more additions for more content. It is very challenging game, depending on who you are. It's a game made for the horror game vet and the quick to jump learner. The game'sun revealed story is a nostalgic scare trip into the darkness. Despite the shaky start and difficult gameplay, it's a very well put together indie game. Slender: The Arrival still keeps me up at night, 5 eggs out of 6.

 Just don't get too scared of the Slenderman, because, as it goes; if you are afraid of him, he will get you!

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