Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Flipping things around and last chance

Alright so, it's been an interesting two months. Here what's going to happen. I may do a video review of Assassins Creed III, that's of course, after writing it. I was going to review Dishonored, but, as you know, things got in the way. Also, I will be taking at least a month break from the 'Experience' videos so I can focus on school more and doing this many videos in a short time, really took a toll on me. Lastly, Trials Top Three Tracks are returning, permanently. Sorry about last week not having one, but that's the next point of things. I had to pull out my last "card" in this e-mail to Ty here:

Dear Ms. Schiesser

I have been doing a little legal research and I have reason to believe that my usage of your product is considered fair use and therefore, is protected from claims by your company under the fair use doctrine, which is codified in Title 17 U.S.C. § 107. I believe that my videos are a "parody" of both the video game I am playing and the beanies I used (which would only be those two). I base my assumption on the US Supreme Court's current definition of the word "parody". Since I don't wish to cause anymore fuss, please give me a reason as to why you would not let me use your products and why it would not be fair use. As before, I will wait 1 week then I will continue using them. That also happens to be the day you told me to stop using the beanies. This will be my last e-mail bothering Ty about this issue.

-Alec Edwards

 Let'see what will happen. See ya later frends!

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