Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Spike TV Video Game Awards Predictions

With the Spike TV VGA only game load away (see what I did, I made a video game reference to the VGA HA!) I thought I might take some time as to make some predictions as to who will win what on Saturday December 10. Lets press START (haHA!):

Go to Spike TV VGA to see the nominees and vote.

Studio of the Year:
I believe that VALVe will win. It seems that each game studio nominated, put out some very solid games this year, but Valve always had their secrecy and surprises much like Kojima Productions. When I saw them at the Sony conference at E3 I knew that they were gearing up for something great. The Delver both great games and a great studio that makes them.

Best Xbox 360 Game:
I have to go with Gears of War 3, because the love that people have for this franchise and the fact that it has ended well is sad and really it deserves to go out with a bang. Lets face Arkam City is too good to win best Xbox 360 game it is a little unfair. Gears 3 is a beloved game and it needs to win as best Xbox game.

Best PS3 Game:
Should I even say it? Little Big Planet 2, because it is for everyone. No matter who you are you can play it and love it. It fits so perfectly in any category, but it will win best PS3 game.

Best Wii Game:
The Legened of Zelda: Skyward Sword, it is a classic and has no way of slowing down. Lets face it how could it not be the best Wii game of this year? I hear people comparing it to Skyrim! It's better it is worse, but it is  a great contender for Game of the Year, and I know it will be the best Wii game.

Best PC Game:
Now this one is the hardest. BF3, Mincraft, The Witcher 2, and Portal 2? What to choose. Portal 2 beating the Witcher 2 by a slim disk. For this game's pick up and playablity and friendly gun gameplay for anyone. Portal became an instant classic for the masses. So it will win best PC game.

Best Handheld/Moble Game:
Super Mario 3D Land ok? Lets face it, THAT GAME IS FREAKIN AWESOME! It is Super Mario with awesome 3D tech to view it in and it has the Raccoon Tail back for Super Mario Bros 3 (which is the best game ever!) and its 3D! again... Come on it will win best handheld game.

Best Shooter:
I would consider it all around best shooter that is Battlefield 3. With a new game engine, great graphics, and all around more realistic gameplay, BF3 has it all for a amazing shooter. It will win best shooter no doubt.

Best Action Adventure Game:
Goes to Assassin's Creed: Revelations. Another great story comes to an end as Ezio makes his last kills. This game is fun and very open it is a wonderful end to a great story arch and it should win this.

Best RPG:
This is really another hard one. I'm gonna go with Deus Ex Human Revolution. Not because the other games are not as good it's because Deus is more easy to pick up and play unlike the rest. So it will win because of gamer compatibility.

Best Multi-Player Game:
MW3 and I know it has some problems, but there are fixes coming soon. Lets face it Activision is right about their own game. It is very easy to play, but incredibly hard to master. It has always been like that and will continue that way. That is good thing and a good reason for it to win best Multi-Player game. Plus the amount of players shows how popular it is.

I am skipping both Sport games categories, because Sport games are way more casual than the rest of these kinds of games. Plus I don't play Sport games at all.

Best Driving Game:
When it comes to graphics and functionality Forza 4 can't be beat. Honestly is that what a great racing game is all about? Yes it is when you want to drive a car you can never buy.

Best Fighting Game:
Is it a secret tournament? No it's MORTAL KOMBAT! to win best fighting game. Marvel vs. Capcom never left its roots neither did the others, but Mortal Kombat returned to its past arcade glory and does not fail to impress and it will win.

Best Motion Game:
Lets just ask what is most gimmicky game is. Be serous, all I think is that Skyward Sword should not win because it is not a gimmick.

Best Indie Game:
Minecraft DUH!! Just ask anyone why.

Best Adapted Video Game:
Batman: Arkham City is my choice because when Rocksteady made Arkam Asylum it is met allot of unprecedented success. Arkham City just blew that game away. The best adapted video game ever! Aside from The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, but that's from the PS2.

The Music awards for games is not fair to predict. I have not and don't want to listen to music in games I have not played.

Best Graphics:
L.A. Noire. It needs to get at least one award. This is the only category that has this game. I know! It's BS! It has the best graphics too.

Best Performance By a Human:
Male: J.K. Simmons as Cave Johnson. Just listen to the Life and Lemons speech he gives.

Female: Another tough call. Tara Strong as Harley Quinn. She is every one's favorite female homicidal clown!

I can't predict best DL game or DLC because I have not played any of those games ever. Sorry.

Game of the Year

The winner goes to...

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Yes I gave in, but it seemed pretty obvious because of the hype and recpetion it earned, I know this game deserves this award.

Well that is it tune-in Live on Sat 12/10 At 8p ET / 5p PT on Spike TV and see who you or I want to win. Til' then Cya, have a good one.

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