Tuesday, November 1, 2011

RAGE Review: Well that was bad. NOT THE GAME!

          Wolfenstein, Doom, and Quake are the few franchises, but hugely known games that Publisher and Developer [id] software has made. Making a new debut of a little known game called RAGE which was just released  (last month uhgg), [id] moves to a well made genre that mixes FPS with an amount of RPG elements. Games such as Fallout 3, Boarderlands, and Metro 2033 have embarked on making games in this genre hybrid and RAGE is just a little late to the popular party. Lets move on the game now. Rage is a game that tones down the RPG elements and antes up the FPS action, much to the comparison of Call of Duty or Battlefield. Which I personally and generally think is a good idea, to give veterans of FPS/RPG, any [id] game or even new comers alike. First off the gameplay is very much the same, I should the most original up-to-date. Well they really made the FPS genre for the masses, so it is good gameplay. The controls feel exactly like a CoD Halo mix which is easy for any gamer. The game does not overwhelm the player with confusing (at least to me) RPG mumbo-jumbo like HP this and that, you need this to kill this, and so on. They are more choices to balance out the gameplay; more money more power or more money more quantity of less power, not to hard to grasp. The game also of course features the standard campaign missions along with a bunch of side-quests optional for completion. The driving in this game is much like an Test Drive Offroad meets Twisted metal and adds fun way to play and transport yourself to and fro. The cars can get stuck on edges, just don't get stuck within the first hour of the game, no tow truck... The world contains and few collectibles that are either supplies you can use, sell, some of which take some "Easter egg" hunting to get. The one thing other than its lack of original gameplay is that the game does not give a complete world map to view and set way points. I mean it's still fun without it, but it could make a player think the world is smaller than it really is. Multiplayer uses only veichlare combat for a few game types such as Combat Rally and Races which are fun, but get tiring after some time. There is also a coop mode that is just Rage with more people. So overall, RAGE has good gameplay, it's familiar and a little un-original, but it is very fun. Now for the story line (aside from me spoiling a few game before), I wont give it away, but the main character is part of a secret experiment called "The Ark" (Noah's ark kinda thing?), were the world lets say has a small world-wide "accident" that turns the world into freaks and stranded people with a "evil" authority out to get you. So its storytelling nice and interesting, keeps the gamer enthralled for hours. Good Stuff. The art and graphics are slightly date, but are much better that Fallout 3 for sure. The artstlye is grand and awesome, it makes The Road Warrior look puny. The scale of the game's dystopia is very well done, almost making it a platformer too. The look of the game is realistic with a very small line of cartoonish art, Boarderlands realism x 1.5. This game is not a Elder Scrolls amazing game, but it is for many FPS and RPG gamers out there looking for a new challenge. RAGE earns 5 out 6 eggs; perfectly fossilized eggs.

For the "Well that was bad" thing. I meant my timing for the reveiw; I try to get them out within 2 two weeks after release, but obviously not this one.

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