Sunday, March 20, 2011

Crysis 2 review coming soon and short new Preview

         Crysis 2 review will be up once I can get some time on it. I have seen a video for Crysis 2 and it is below. I want to talk about the video. Go ahead and watch then read what I say. Ok this video starts out with a stealth kill very similar to a stealth kill in Kill Zone or Aliens vs. Predator. I would like to say just as a comparison. This game is like Battlefield on steroids. Not saying it’s too much like it, but even from the first game, the movement felt like Battlefield. Anyway the stealth kills in FPS must be all the rage and I like this addition. I notice that the guy Alcatraz (main character) kills is human and is called a CELL solider like from the demo. So apparently some humans may have chosen or were forced to work with the Aliens. Watching more of this made me more hyped about this. The sliding is a fun feature and it seems that the character can take more damage in Crysis 2 (if this difficulty is normal) than in Crysis. This game does have all the versatility that it’s original had and more. The open environments look very prevalent, also much like Crysis. Unfortunately ammo looks a little scarcer. So it looks like there is a survival aspect and players must really watch their ammo count. Then I saw the character show his hand on the screen and saw a bunch of little armor changes that could be made. I believe it’s the modules from multiplayer (equivalent of perks in CoD). I think that went over the top and might affect the single player. I just think it's a little too much for a FPS like this. Other than that, it will be amazing, right? Tell me what you think.

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