Monday, January 17, 2011


Hey anyone who sees this don't leave! Anyway I am Alec Edwards or The Ostracized Gamer. I love video games and Ostriches. All I will do is rate games that have been rated a million times already, but I do it a little differently. My first game I will rate is going to be Little Big Planet 2. In a few months I may move to a website, but for now I rate here. Anyone with suggestions of games to rate just ask me. Since I am not made of money I will have to rent each game (unless I want it) to review it. I will review based of three criteria in terms of quality, Gameplay, Story (Narritive/Characters), and Art (Sound/Graphics). Depending on what each criteria should be it will get between zero and two Ostrich Eggs. 6 Eggs would be the highest rating for a game. So sit back and wait for a all honest review from The Ostracized Gamer.

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